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the Black Tie is a whole vibe within itself. It is decadent (luxuriously self-indulgent), dignified (having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect) and rebellious (showing a desire to resist authority, control or convention).

the Black Tie is formality and grace.

the Black Tie is "Rock & Roll". 

the Black Tie has a 2 1/2" (medium) brim that is "rolled" and trimmed with black grosgrain ribbon. This hat is available in sizes 7-56cm, 71/8-57cm, 71/4-58cm, 73/8-59cm, 71/2-60cm, 75/8-61cm, 73/4-62cm, 77/8-63cm and size 8-64cm

The base color of this hat is black and this hat is trimmed with a black colored grosgrain ribbon hat band.

- Genuine Fur Felt

- Silk/Long Hair Finish

- 2 1/2"  Rolled Brim with Bound Edge

- Looks Great on Men and Women

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